Used Cars in Quad City from Zimmerman Honda

Used cars in Quad City are making headways throughout the cities of Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island, and Davenport. Quad City residents, like much of the country, are in a saving type of mood when it comes to purchasing vehicles. New vehicles keep coming out with novel parts and accessories that keep many new car buyers interested in what will come next. However, used cars in the Quad City area have become a popular option as people continue to struggle from job losses and economic downfall. This financial pitfall has affected millions of Americans, including numerous major car manufacturers as new car sales have decreased overall. However, the demand for used cars has augmented, and dealerships, such as Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, Illinois are giving customers exactly what they desire. Here at Zimmerman Honda, we have a pre-owned inventory where you will find a vast selection of vehicles and money saving deals. We also have a certified inventory that contains used cars that have gone through a point-by-point inspection process. These used cars in Quad City are more expensive than purchasing a regular pre-owned vehicle, but much cheaper in contrast to the upfront costs associated with buying a new vehicle. The decision on whether or not to buy used is really up to you, but our staff can guide you to some of the best deals without shortchanging you on quality.

Back in the 1800’s, the Rock Island Railroad Company saw to it that ferry service and bridges that tended to get an icy layer during the winter months were replaced with railroad bridges. This put the steamboat business in a bind, and there was even one angry individual that crashed his steamboat into the railroad bridge. A lawsuit followed against the Rock Island Railroad Company, but Abraham Lincoln was actually the defending lawyer for the Rock Island Railroad Company, and he won the case for this large scale organization after appealing to the Supreme Court. This would be a turning point in Lincoln’s career and eventual election among a divided nation that would plunge itself into the American Civil War to ultimately decide the fate of the nation’s future. Although railroad and boats along the Mississippi River still transport cargo and other items of importance to Quad City locations today, the railroad is no longer the prime method of transportation. The automobile has taken over, and Zimmerman Honda is a modern day example of a high quality car dealership that specializes in used cars in the Quad City area. Even if you are not interested in purchasing used cars in Quad City, we have a new vehicle inventory containing all new vehicle models, such as the 2011 Honda CR-Z and 2011 Honda Odyssey. We have won numerous accolades over the years, and our awards reflect our devotion to customer service and complete satisfaction. We always try to save you money here at Zimmerman Honda. We have new vehicle specials, pre-owned specials, and even service specials that will save you money when bringing your vehicle in for maintenance at our service department. Honda service coupons are available on specific work related services offered at Zimmerman Honda, so feel free to inquire about what kind of specials we have going on at all times. You will find oil change specials, tire rotation discounts, and even money saving discounts on heavy duty part replacement, such as when you need your timing belt and water pump changed out. Remember, these specials do change from time to time, so try to take advantage of a particular service, if one of our Honda service coupons matches your maintenance requirements, especially for residents that own used cars in Quad City.

As a Quad City resident, you can schedule a sales appointment with our award winning staff anytime you desire, and if you are a new customer coming to Zimmerman Honda, you will find Zimmerman loyalty and Zimmerman Honda value to be just a few of our grand priorities. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss Zimmerman Honda safety and Zimmerman Honda style on used cars in Quad City, and feel free to ask any question about our Zimmerman Honda models to ensure you are comfortable with your used car selection. Our newsletter will keep you informed about upcoming programs and deals at our Rock Island location, along with vital information on particular vehicles and changes in style, safety, and parts. We invite you to look over our smart buyer’s links online to help you get a better idea of what kind of vehicle is right for you, and our customer care clinic shows our commitment to outstanding customer service when you purchase a new or used vehicle from Zimmerman Honda. Our dealership has Honda tires and wheels and a parts department with novel parts for used cars in Quad City. Please schedule a sales appointment as soon as possible as sales on used cars are escalating quickly, and be sure to inquire about our special finance and lease offers to help keep your monthly payments in line with your budget. Zimmerman Honda has used cars in Quad City, and we are proud to do business on a national level. We extend an invitation not only to Quad City residents, but to all out of state residents. As a Quad City Honda dealership specializing in used cars for Quad City residents, we want to say thanks to all our devoted customers and look forward to meeting new customers on a daily basis.