Moline Honda by Zimmerman Honda in Illinois


The beautiful city of Moline, Illinois is located in Rock County Island, Illinois. It is a part of the larger quad city district (these cities border the Illinois and Iowa state lines), which includes Rock Island, Illinois, along with Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa. Numerous residents simply love Moline, Illinois because it is a central hub for retail business, containing the Southpark Mall, along with other popular large shopping venues within the region. The city has undergone a lot of change over the years in an effort to regenerate the central business district, which was a thriving part of this city back in the 50's and 60's. After a period on the decline, the central business district has come back and is now one of the biggest recreational districts out of the quad city area. The i wireless Center sponsors numerous recreational events and can seat up to 12,000 people, a big time attraction.

Moline itself is scenic, and this is one of the big reasons why people decide to move here, besides the revitalized business district area. The city itself is located between the Mississippi River and Rock River. There are numerous highland regions, which are cut by ravines. These ravines break up the city and have allowed family oriented neighborhoods to augment. Moline, Illinois was thought to be settled by the Sauk and Fox Indians. The village of Saukenuk was built in the year 1720 right alongside the Rock River. The Indians saw this land as fertile, perfect for those wanting to grow crops and catch fish for their tribe. Eventually war broke out between the Indian settlers and the white settlers. The Indian tribe was eventually forced to move off the land and head north, leaving the gate open for other white settlers to come into the region.

Moline also went through the Civil War, but after the war ended, the city's population began to augment dramatically. A street grid was developed that went both to the east and west right along the shoreline, and southward up toward the bluff region. Reform movements and anti-alcohol groups (known as the temperance movement) helped Moline to grow and become a good place to live. After World War II the population continued to grow, and new homes began cropping up throughout the area. Eventually roadways and buildings expanded, but Moline, Illinois faced some problems being a quad city. People were in competition on where to settle based on the opportunity of so many surrounding cities, and although Moline had a lot of opportunity, people did not see it. Eventually, population growth slowed down, and the central retail district closed giving way to shopping malls in the 1970s and decreased business in the downtown area. As a result, the Iowa-Illinois Bridge was revamped, and with the implementation of Interstate 74, the downtown region became more accessible and began to bounce back. Modern-day Moline, Illinois has seen renovations along the riverfront area, and a civic center is now in place. The I Wireless Center was completed by the early 90's, and this really gave Moline a boost since it was a hub for concerts and many other unique events that entertained the masses. The John Deere Commons was also constructed, and this entertainment center has a hotel and numerous restaurants, as well as retail offices.

Moline, Illinois continues to grow as empty industrial land is built upon. As more people continue to flock to the region, the demand for great transportation has also increased. Zimmerman Honda is one outstanding dealership to go to in the quad city area. This customer-oriented dealership has been serving the quad cities now for over 58 years and continues to provide some of the best customer service in the business. Located in Rock Island, Illinois, Zimmerman Honda is within a very short distance of all four quad cities, including Moline; so many people go here to find a wonderful vehicle and warm, friendly smiles from a professional staff of experienced individuals. A showcase display of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs awaits each customer who comes to Zimmerman Honda. This award-winning dealership offers new and used vehicles, and customers will find competitive pricing when it comes to purchasing the vehicle of their choice. Zimmerman Honda has some new Honda models, such as the Accord Sedan and the Accord Coupe, along with plenty of other vehicle styles. Moline, Illinois: scenic, growing, and a great place to live and buy a new vehicle at Zimmerman Honda!