Central Midwest Honda Dealer is Zimmerman Honda


A Central Midwest Honda dealer is Zimmerman Honda. We have all your Central Midwest transportation needs for work or play. Our Moline, Illinois dealership is proud to serve the Midwest and all U.S. locations. The Central Midwest portion of the United States of America plays a crucial role in serving the needs of the larger country. The American Midwest is where grain is produced and other important agricultural products. It is the heartland of America, but it has seen its fair share of rough times throughout history. The Great Depression and Dust Bowl wreaked havoc on numerous Midwestern states, and many farmers were not able to produce enough crops to make ends meet, let alone provide for the developing nation. A Central Midwest Honda dealer is Zimmerman Honda, and we would have had a tough time during the depression and 1930’s drought! Constant dust storms plagued the region for many years, and East Coast residents did not care until dust began to creep into their cities, and questions were soon asked about what was going on in the Central Midwest. Eventually, FDR’s “New Deal” and easing drought conditions followed by a World War II economic boost helped the Midwest rebound and prosper. Having a Central Midwest Honda dealer, such as Zimmerman Honda is very important. You and other drivers from this region want a reliable dealership, and Zimmerman Honda is this auto dealer. A Central Midwest Honda dealer is Zimmerman Honda. Give us the chance to allow us to be your primary dealership.

You may be asking in your mind “why should I choose Zimmerman Honda as my top Central Midwest Honda dealer?” Well, there are numerous reasons we can outline, and hopefully you will schedule a sales appointment and take all the test drives you desire in any new, pre-owned or certified Honda model. Zimmerman Honda is a Central Midwest Honda dealer that excels at customer satisfaction in all areas. We have received very good ratings on our service, body shop performance and parts selection. Our vehicles for under $10,000 present you and other Midwest customers with some affordable options, and financing is convenient via our online finance application. Your Central Midwest Honda dealer is Zimmerman Honda. Our customer reviews are available on our website, and you can read these and see why so many have decided to choose our dealership. Zimmerman professionals can help you customize your model and answer any question you have about a trade-in evaluation, our specials (all specials are subject to change), and why the top Central Midwest Honda dealer is Zimmerman Honda.

When you come to Zimmerman Honda in Moline, Illinois off of John Deere Rd. & 70th Street, you can expect courteous service, friendly smiles and top-notch salespeople that will assist you with any automotive requirement on your end. Our dealership has been in business for 60 years, and we have recently moved to Moline from our old Rock Island location. This does not change the fact that we still have deep reverence our Rock Island and Quad City customers! A premier Central Midwest Honda dealer is Zimmerman Honda. We perform express lube service. No appointment is needed with our service department for this fast, efficient type of work. In addition, we will tell you all about our Zimmerman Honda models, Zimmerman Honda safety, leasing options, and you can read our history, if you desire, on our website. An intriguing Central Midwest Honda dealer is Zimmerman Honda. Contact us to find out more about our all new vehicle models, Honda tires and wheels, and how this Central Midwest Honda dealer continues to please all of our customers.