Honda pilot dark blueThe Honda Pilot vs Subaru Ascent Le Claire, IA conversation has been going on for a while now, with drivers debating on which vehicle is the better choice. We all know that the real answer is going to be based on the individual’s perspective, but within this article you will discover some useful information when it comes to both models that should at least help you get started in terms of making a decision. has a ton of different Honda vehicles for sale near Silvis, IL 61282, but for the purpose of time, we will be talking strictly about the novel Honda Pilot and how it competes with the latest Subaru Ascent.

For starters, Zimmerman Honda has a ton of great Honda Pilot SUVs for sale in the City of Moline, IL for Quad City Illinois and Iowa auto customers who have already made up their minds to go with a Honda SUV option over a Subaru SUV for sale. You can also find detailed information about new and used Honda vehicles near Colona, IL, but let’s go ahead and now turn our attention to the Honda Pilot vs Subaru Ascent Le Claire, IA. Both of these SUV automobiles land within the same average price range when compared side by side and have about the similar highway and city miles per gallon.

The Honda Pilot vs Subaru Ascent Le Claire, IA topic continues with motor specifications. The Honda Pilot boasts a great V-6 engine with top fuel efficiency, while the Subaru Ascent has a turbocharged engine with CVT. Continuously variable transmissions are good when combined with a turbocharged powertrain offering nice towing numbers, but the noise can be a bit distracting when pulling heavier weight. Both vehicles have about the same towing capacity, with the Honda Pilot producing more horsepower than the Subaru Ascent. Zimmerman Honda in Moline, IL 61265 also considers safety to be very important when considering the purchase of any make or model. Both of these Clinton, IA SUVs for sale have earned similar safety ratings when compared, with these overall ratings being five stars. New Honda Pilots for sale near Colona, IL 61241 are super easy to find at our Quad City dealership!

Zimmerman Honda knows that the decision of which is better when considering the Honda Pilot vs Subaru Ascent Le Claire, IA 52753 is really up to the driver, but we promote our best deals on a Honda Pilot for sale near Bettendorf, IA. Of course, our dealership isn’t just a fabulous decision in terms of a top Honda auto dealer choice, but also auto mechanics as well. Our service center will be there for you when it comes to keeping your Honda vehicle running its best. We use certified Honda parts for all of our Honda service and repairs near Eldridge, IA, so you can take the stress out of maintaining your vehicle.

Here at Zimmerman Honda, we hope that our information about the 2021 Honda Pilot vs Subaru Ascent Le Claire, IA has helped you out a bit in terms of an overview regarding these magnificent and contrasting SUVs for sale near Geneseo, IL. Our 2021 Honda Pilot SUVs for sale near East Moline, IL are the perfect choice within a highly competitive auto sector, and we can only recommend test driving a new Honda Pilot Rock Island, IL and leave the final decision to you.