Honda Lease in Rock Island, Illinois


Leasing a Honda in Rock Island, Illinois can be accomplished when you come to Zimmerman Honda. Rock Island is our home base for all your leasing requirements. In addition to leasing a Honda in Rock Island, we also offer you the option to buy a vehicle. We have a new vehicle inventory, a pre-owned inventory, and we even have vehicles for under $10,000, a great deal, especially when you are looking to save money. We have all of your favorite vehicles in stock. Our inventory includes the Honda Accord,, the Honda Odyssey, the Honda Ridgeline, and many other wonderful selections that will get your heart racing with excitement and pleasure.

Leasing a vehicle is not a difficult decision. Many of us want to buy a new vehicle, but sometimes the costs are just too much. Buying new does have its benefits. You get personal satisfaction out of the fact that you are going to own the vehicle eventually, and you also obtain equity or resale value. However, equity with a vehicle is only worth so much over the long run. As you continue to drive a new vehicle, it depreciates in value, and as the years roll on by, your resale value drops, unless you have invested a lot of money into repairs and upgrades. Some individuals want to have equity on a new vehicle so they can resell it and get some money back on its value at the point of sale. When you lease a vehicle, you do not build up equity, because you are only paying on your usage of the vehicle and not actually buying the vehicle for ownership. You basically pay for what you use and even though you will not own the vehicle when the lease expires, you have the option of actually purchasing the vehicle for its depreciated resale value or just simply return it to the dealership and do another leasing contract on another vehicle. Leasing offers lower monthly payments and low upfront costs in comparison to buying a new vehicle. When you purchase a new vehicle you are going to have to pay higher DMV costs and insurance rates. These costs can add up quickly, leaving you to languish in a confused state of mind when you go to look at your wallet. However, buying a new car versus leasing one does offer the benefit of equity and the ability to resell the vehicle after it is paid off, but paying it off quickly and keeping it in good shape are the key to having any chance of getting a decent return on your car sale. All vehicles decline in value once they are driven off the lot, and you will never get back what you put into the pot, but that is just fine with some people. However, the same goes for leased vehicles. They depreciate also, except you will not own the actual depreciated value and not have to worry about what you will be able to get for the vehicle since you will not be able to sell it. There are always costs involving purchasing or leasing a Honda in Rock Island, but the choice is really up to you on what you think is best.

Here at Zimmerman Honda, we can discuss leasing options with you, if you are having a hard time making up your mind on whether to buy or lease a vehicle. Our professionals will be more than glad to sit down with you and talk about your current financial situation, your personal thoughts, and what may be the best choice to suit your lifestyle. We will explain the difference between leasing and buying a vehicle so that you understand exactly how your money is being spent and what benefits you will receive. Our dealership provides outstanding customer service, and this is not only seen in our time and devotion spent on every customer but also with our specials. We have new vehicle specials, pre-owned specials, and even Internet specials! We invite you to read over our newsletter for ever changing news on Honda vehicles, their style and new models that are hitting the streets. Zimmerman Honda makes leasing a Honda in Rock Island, Moline, Davenport, or Bettendorf very easy, so contact us as soon as possible in order to schedule an appointment with one of our professional representatives.