Lease a Honda in Quad Cities from Zimmerman Honda


Leasing a Honda in Quad Cities is a wise decision when you are working with a reputable dealership like Zimmerman Honda. Our Quad City dealership is located in Rock Island, Illinois, and we are proud to serve the cities of Rock Island, Bettendorf, Moline, and Davenport. One of the good things about doing business with Zimmerman Honda is that you can save money. We have new vehicle specials, pre-owned specials, vehicles for under $10,000, and service specials performed by our service department to keep your wallet plump. Our professionals are always happy to discuss your vehicle requirements, whether you are interested in buying a new or used vehicle or leasing one.

When you go to lease a vehicle it is a little bit like renting a car, but it really is not the same. Leasing a vehicle requires a contract agreement, and this contract goes on for a longer period of time in comparison to when you go to a car rental agency and rent a car for a vacation. It is important to understand some of the concepts involved with leasing a vehicle. Leasing is not buying. In other words, you are never going to actually own the vehicle. The only way to own a leased vehicle is to return it at the end of the leasing contract agreement and purchase it at its depreciated value. Some drivers do exactly this, but most will give the vehicle back and sign a new leasing contract on another vehicle. You are constantly paying on your vehicle for driver usage when you do this, but upfront costs and monthly payments are significantly lower in comparison to going out and buying a new car. This system works very well for some drivers, and it is something you may consider to be a perfect option based on your lifestyle, income, and personal desires. You always have to be careful when doing a leasing agreement. It is crucial to understand the terms of the lease and most of all, be sure you are going through a quality dealership to lease, such as Zimmerman Honda. Leasing a Honda in Quad Cities should never be complicated, but some companies make things more confusing than what they should be. Here at Zimmerman Honda, we make leasing easy, because we take the time to explain your leasing contract, your costs, and allow you the opportunity to ask questions all around the board about leasing a Honda in Quad Cities.

Zimmerman Honda has your back, when it comes to leasing a Honda in Quad Cities. Our professionals are very knowledgeable about leasing a vehicle and will take the time to explain all the finer details without any tricks or bewilderment. We care a lot about all of our customers, and our customer care clinic is a good example of this. We also have a body shop just three blocks east of our main dealership with a friendly, qualified professional crew that is trained in all areas of customer service and vehicle knowledge. To find out more about our body shop, just click on Zimmerman Honda’s Auto Body Direct. In addition, you can schedule service on your vehicle anytime or schedule a sales appointment to come and check out our all new vehicle models. Leasing is available at Zimmerman Honda, and we are glad to be able to provide this additional service for you in a convenient manner. Please contact us with any questions or concerns involving leasing a Honda in Quad Cities, and experience Zimmerman Honda’s award winning service, sales, and inventory!