Honda Lease in Davenport, Iowa


Leasing a Honda in Davenport, Iowa is made easy by Zimmerman Honda, your Quad City Honda dealership serving the Quad City area of Rock Island, Davenport, Moline, and Bettendorf. Our Illinois dealership, located in Rock Island, also welcomes all Illinois residents and out of state residents, such as those living in Davenport, Iowa. Here at Zimmerman Honda you can lease the Honda of your choice. In addition, we offer Honda Accord and Civic specials, along with new vehicle specials and pre-owned specials. You can also purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle from our certified inventory, and you can apply for financing on a new vehicle or discuss leasing a Honda in Davenport with one of our professionals. For those of you that do not know much about leasing a car, let’s talk about leasing and how it can benefit you.

The question of leasing versus buying a new car can be a tough decision. In all honestly, it really depends on your life situation and what will benefit you the most. First let’s not get the term “leasing” confused. When we think of leasing something we typically think of renting. However, leasing a Honda does not mean you are renting the vehicle. Leasing basically finances your usage of the vehicle itself whereas buying finances the actual purchase of the vehicle. People that lease cars commonly trade in their vehicle every several years for another leased vehicle. Leasing only requires you to pay for some of the car’s cost, and what you are paying for is pretty much your “vehicle usage” while you are driving it. Leasing has its benefits. Buying a new vehicle can be very expensive with a lot of money coming out of your wallet, especially during the first few years you own the vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, you are not required to place a down payment on the vehicle. Most of the time you only pay a sales tax (this is the case in most U.S. states) and a financial rate. Sometimes there are additional fees and a security deposit, but this varies depending upon who you are doing business with when leasing a Honda in Davenport. The advantages of leasing a vehicle include a very low or no down payment, affordable monthly payments, and a low sales tax. The individual leasing a Honda in Davenport from Zimmerman Honda will not have to experience a terrible shock to their wallet, a scenario that is more common when purchasing a new vehicle. Used vehicles are also a good option, especially during these difficult economic times. Leasing seems to be on the rise, just like the purchase of used vehicles. The reason is that people are struggling right now, and paying less is better for everyone.

Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, Illinois makes leasing a Honda in Davenport simple. Our professionals will be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss all of our leasing terms, including costs and contract agreements. Zimmerman Honda not only allows you to lease vehicles, but we offer service specials that can be used at our service department on all vehicles to help save you money. Moreover, we have Honda tires and wheels for your convenience and a parts department that has all the necessary replacement parts and accessories you require for your vehicle. Please contact us for more information about leasing a Honda in Davenport, and we can schedule a sales appointment with you in no time at all.