Honda Certified Pre-Owned Quad Cities


Certified pre-owned models are becoming the popular trend within the greater auto industry. There are now numerous drivers who are interested in financing a Honda certified pre-owned vehicle. Zimmerman Honda in Moline, IL has Honda certified pre-owned Quad Cities. This ongoing theme targets Quad City drivers. If you are looking for a vehicle that is used but has been inspected according to specific rules and regulations set forth by the auto manufacturer, then Zimmerman Honda is a great place to begin your shopping adventure. We have Honda certified pre-owned Quad Cities vehicles waiting to be sold at the right price.

In order for a Honda model to become a certified Honda, there are specific things that the vehicle must possess. The Honda vehicle cannot have more than 80,000 miles behind the odometer and it has to be less than six years old. This is only some of the process associated with Honda certified pre-owned Quad Cities. There is a detailed inspection test done by auto mechanics that includes a multi-point inspection test for mechanical and appearance issues. All Honda certified pre-owned vehicles from Zimmerman Honda must be able to pass this inspection process. If any part is not working correctly, it has to be able to be fixed by service department or body shop professionals in order for the certification process to proceed forward. In addition, Honda certified pre-owned Quad Cities have mechanics that look profoundly at all major vehicle systems. This includes the engine, the brakes, the drivetrain, the steering wheel, the suspension, tires, the exhaust system and the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Zimmerman Honda has the right Honda certified pre-owned Quad Cities vehicles for you and all drivers interested in rolling with a certified pre-owned Honda vehicle. If a specific part is not working, it will be replaced with Honda genuine parts and accessories. There is also a limited warranty that covers the transmission and engine parts for up to seven years/100,000 miles. Zimmerman Honda in Moline, IL takes all of these things seriously. We want you to be satisfied as a certified vehicle customer, and only the best used vehicles are able to become certified pre-owned models (again, the mentioned conditions in order for the Honda certification process must be in place for a vehicle to become a CPO model). Honda certified pre-owned Quad Cities are just one great choice when it comes to vehicles here at Zimmerman Honda.

Not only do we sell certified pre-owned Honda vehicles for Quad City residents, but you may also benefit by shopping our new vehicle inventory and our pre-owned vehicle inventory selections. Zimmerman Honda also has vehicles for under $10,000 for your convenience. We are an award winning dealership that provides amazing customer service to you and all of our new and repeat customers that we get. Financing is available on this user-friendly website. Contact Zimmerman Honda today to find out more about our theme of Honda certified pre-owned Quad Cities, and let’s do business together.