Bettendorf, Iowa is a quad city straddling the Illinois and Iowa border. Rock Island, Illinois; Moline, Illinois; and Davenport, Iowa are the other three quad cities, in addition to Bettendorf. This gorgeous Iowa city has some interesting history behind it. The city itself resides in the original Wisconsin Territory, purchased from the Sac and Fox Indian tribes in what is known as the Black Hawk Purchase of 1832. The Indians would have had to leave the land regardless as war broke out between white and Indian settlers, but the Indians got a little bit of money out of it, which is not saying much considering the land they had to give up. The name of the actual purchase comes from the Indian leader chief Black Hawk who declared war on the white settlers but ended up losing in bloody battles.

Eventually the village of Gilbert sprouted up alongside the village of Lillienthal back in 1858. The name "Gilbert" was given in honor to Elias Gilbert. He was the man who initially plotted the original site. Mostly German farmers and small business owners dominated the area during this time, but both villages eventually merged and just became known as the town of Gilbert. It was in 1900 when brothers William and Joseph Bettendorf were handed 70 acres of riverfront land as long as they agreed to relocate their iron wagon business from Davenport to Gilbert. To honor the brothers and their successful factory that gave the city an early developmental boost, it was decided among the people that the city name be changed to Bettendorf. A.L.C.O.A., better known as the Aluminum Company of America, was established on a land site right next to Bettendorf. A.L.C.O.A. quickly became the world's biggest producer of aluminum, and Bettendorf took off from a growth standpoint from that time period on to the present. In the early 1990's, some of the first riverboat casinos were established in this scenic Iowa city, giving residents a great form of recreational entertainment.

There are numerous school systems in Bettendorf, Iowa that provide quality education to the younger generation. The Bettendorf School District is the primary school district in the area, but the Pleasant Valley School District took over the eastern portions of the city and offers great education with a variety of elementary, middle, and high schools. Modern day Bettendorf continues to grow and has become a popular spot for people seeking out a new place to live or for vacationers just passing through for a visit. Numerous hotels and restaurants, along with entertainment venues, surround the area and are attracting tourists from all around. There are scenic parks and good opportunity for those seeking a job. City job postings are on the main Bettendorf, Iowa government page website:, which also outlines upcoming events and general information about this wonderful Iowa city.

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