Honda Civic in Quad City


1973 may not stand out in the history books, but it was a very important year for the car industry and Zimmerman Honda. It was the year the Honda Civic for Quad City residents and the rest of the world was first introduced marking the beginning of a new world for automotive fans. Foreign cars were just moving into the American market at that time. The Honda Civic for Quad City drivers was different. It was a reliable, cost effective, and fuel efficient alternatives to many of the other choices available at the time, but its consistency is what has kept it as one of the most popular compact option since the beginning.

Today’s Honda Civic for Quad City drivers continues to outshine its competition. The Civic is available as either a 2 door or 4 door sedan. Both of these model options come in different trim levels, but with some pretty amazing fuel efficiency options. For instance, the 2013 Honda Civic 4 door automatic with the EX-L trim level offers an impressive 28 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway. This is perfect for most Honda Civic for Quad City and Chicagoland drivers. However, if you prefer something with higher gas mileage per gallon, the Civic Hybrid boasts 44 mpg for both the city and highway. This will definitely take away some of your carbon foot print! Regardless, Zimmerman Honda can find your model.

All models of the Honda Civic for Quad City are an affordable option for most people. In fact, even the Civic Hybrid is priced low for a hybrid vehicle, but you still get the quality of a Honda. So the major purchasing decision for most people beyond the trim level is which dealership to choose. Of course, there is a Honda dealer for Quad City that is a cut above the rest. Zimmerman Honda has over 60 years of experience creating customers not just for one purchase, but for years to come. In fact, we have couples, whose children and grandchildren are now customers.

Zimmerman Honda takes a lot of pride in providing the Honda Civic for Quad City residents. Being located in Moline, IL, we are a part of this vibrant area and want to treat residents like part of the family. We do this by providing special offers for loyal customers. In addition, we make service and maintenance as easy and convenient as possible by providing online service specials and an Express Lube service. We hire only the best of the best for our service center and all of our departments. You will notice the difference when you are first greeted by our highly trained sales staff.

When you are looking for a Honda Civic for Quad City travel, there is no need to go further than Moline, IL and Zimmerman Honda. Our award winning dealership makes purchasing easy by placing our new vehicle inventory, certified inventory, and pre-owned inventory online so you can search for your Honda Civic for Quad City commuting, complete a credit application, and then schedule an appointment with one of our sales associates today. Let us make you a customer for life also.