Honda Cars in Silvis, IL


Honda cars in Silvis, IL from Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, Illinois are a fantastic investment for you and other Honda customers looking for awesome Honda cars for Silvis, Illinois from a Honda dealer that cares about its customers. Zimmerman Honda is a Honda dealer serving Silvis, Illinois, and our Honda cars in Silvis, IL brought back to Silvis, IL from our Silvis customers simply augment the overall vehicle density within the city of Silvis and the local competition. It is common to hear someone ask you a question/s about where you purchased your Honda car in Silvis, IL and its price tag. All you have to tell them is to go to Zimmerman Honda in nearby Rock Island and discover the magic and awesome customer service, along with great deals on Honda cars for Silvis, IL drivers from a Honda dealer serving Silvis, Illinois or something along those lines. Our new vehicle inventory has Honda cars for Silvis, IL drivers and any other driver that is looking for a high quality Honda dealer that puts its customers first. Models such as the Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot all come in a variety of novel Honda trim levels for customization purposes and are backed by Zimmerman Honda loyalty and Zimmerman Honda value. Honda cars in Silvis, IL are just one fantastic option for Silvis, IL. drivers, like you, so schedule a sales appointment online today or just give us a call during normal business hours!


The Village of Silvis, Illinois was incorporated as a city in the year 1906, but there were no Honda cars in Silvis, IL back then. The name of the city came from one of the initial settlers that came to Silvis. This man’s name was Richard Shippen Silvis, and he had a family business that ran the Silvis Mining Company. Hero Street is a street in Silvis that is named in honor of eight soldiers, all that used to live on the street, except it was not called Hero Street, USA at that time; it was simply called Second Street. These men gave the ultimate sacrifice in World War II, their life, fighting for our country to protect it and the world from multiple evil, powerful dictators who had teamed up with the goal of rapid global dominance, including the destruction of the United States and all its Allies. This would have meant no Honda cars in Silvis, IL. Worse yet and more importantly than having no Honda cars in Silvis, IL, for those that did happen to survive and got captured, life as it was once known before would no longer have existed. Unfortunately, this occurred in numerous European and Asian and Pacific based theatres early in the war with takeovers there before the tide of the war turned. We would have been ruled by a totalitarian regime that regarded democracy and something like Honda cars in Silvis, IL from Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island as an outrage. We would have used us as slaves until we starved and perished or it was simply decided there was no further use for us to advance the regime. That was the reality of what America was fighting to not let happen here in World War II, along with her Allies, all that knew the strength, power and brutal evil leaders we were up against from Germany, Japan and Italy. Since the Second World War, Hero Street, which has a few dozen homes, has sent over 100 people into the military. Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island recognizes Hero Street’s devotion and admiration for its fighters, and we respect the people of Hero Street and those of Silvis, IL, and our Honda cars in Silvis, IL come with a touch of tender loving care from our professionals. This “love” means we ensure the stock and sale of gorgeous Honda cars for Silvis, IL drivers, like you and the highest level of Honda safety within these vehicles, best replacement parts from our parts department and most advanced accessories at fair pricing when you want to augment Honda interior and exterior style. Honda cars in Silvis, IL is just one example of the outstanding business Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island does with its expanding customer base and how we care about all our customers and put customer service first in every situation.


Zimmerman Honda has Honda cars for Silvis, IL drivers, and many Honda cars in Silvis, IL come from Zimmerman Honda, a Honda dealer serving Silvis, the Quad City region and numerous Illinois and Iowa towns and cities. We welcome all customers from different states here at our Honda dealership, and we also invite you to check out our Bettendorf Autos’ website where quality used Honda cars for Silvis, IL (or any other city) along with used vehicles from major auto manufacturers are in stock. Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island also has service specials that you can use at our service department, pre-owned specials and vehicles for under $10,000. In fact, we have new, used and certified pre-owned models for sale, and you can apply for financing online and inquire about any finance or lease offers we may have going on here at the dealership for Honda cars for Silvis, IL drivers and all of our customers. Please remember that specials are subject to change at any given time. Zimmerman Honda’s tires and wheels are also available, and check out our customer care clinic and smart buyer’s links for more great things about Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island. Contact us to schedule a test drive, schedule service (you can also do this online), questions about hybrid models or to discuss Honda cars in Silvis, IL and how we are helping Silvis, Illinois drivers buy, lease and save money from a Honda dealer serving Silvis: Zimmerman Honda in downtown Rock Island, Illinois.